Life is not always easy.  For some of us, our existence feels “charmed” or “divinely blessed.”  Whatever troubles we have, they seem minimal and easy to handle.  For others, troubles arise sporadically, some of which feel devastating or overwhelming as they are being experienced, but which eventually fade into sad, distant memories as we continue to grow and find happiness again.

Then there are those for whom life seems to be one constant battle after another; a life where deprivation, abuse, alienation and rage are the norm rather than the exception.  Such tribulations are even more shattering when they impact the lives of children.

That is why Harrison Homes, Inc. exists.  We are united to better the lives of children who have been impacted by forces both within and beyond their control, forces that may have compelled them to make the wrong choices or that have propelled them into threatening situations.Fredrick Douglass

The staff and administration of Harrison Homes is comprised of dedicated, hard-working allies who are committed to bringing about positive, constructive change in the lives of the youth who reside in our therapeutic residential homes.  Unlike other group homes that you may have encountered or heard about, we offer comfortable, clean living environments and effective, evidence-based programming that has successfully developed and sustained the lives of hundreds of foster youth.  We do not limit our focus to just their immediate situations or lifestyles.  Because we are about fostering healthy relationships and healthy communities, it is therefore our common goal that every young man or woman who leaves our program does so more empowered, optimistic, and resilient than when they first entered.  Life will not necessarily become any easier for them, but they will definitely be better prepared to meet its challenges head on.