Vision, Values and Purpose

Vision Statement

Every HHI resident will be safe and secure.

Our vision is an ambitious one, but one which we are all committed to achieving. Our vision guides every aspect of our daily work. It provides the framework for our goals of strengthening individuals, increasing self-sufficiency, and developing the capacity of transitioning back to society.

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Values Statement

The following values represent the standards to which we hold ourselves as an organization:

Accountability: We hold ourselves personally responsible for our commitment to our residents, partners and co-workers. We say what we mean, mean what we say, and continually strive to improve our services and outcomes.

Collaboration: We recognize that partnerships and teamwork are the core foundation of our business. Our collaboration with policymakers, service providers, community providers and families enables us to develop programs and services that improve the quality of life for all our program participants.

Compassion: We express feeling with others, being one with others in their sorrows and joys, rooted in the sense of solidarity as members of the human community.

Diversity: We value the diversity of all people and strive to make decisions based on equity and fairness and are committed to eliminating discrimination.

Excellence: We foster outstanding achievement, merit, virtue; we strive to continually surpass standards to achieve and/or maintain quality.



Innovation: We engage in visionary and strategic thinking and creative problem solving , challenge the status quo, invite new ways of doing things and look to multiple and diverse sources for ideas and inspiration.

Integrity: We promote moral wholeness, soundness, uprightness, honesty and sincerity as a basis of trustworthiness.

Respect: We respect each other, our stakeholders, our residents, and our staff. We recognize their differences and uniqueness; we treat all with equality and professionalism.

Reverence: We have a profound spirit of awe and respect for all creation, shaping relationships to self and to one another and acknowledging that we hold in trust all that has been given to us.

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  These values serve several purposes as we apply them to our daily work.

They guide our work.
They stretch our organizational thinking.
They are living values that challenge the way we do business.


We understand that we must strive toward these values every day, and that we must uphold these values as we carry ourselves and carry out the work of our organization.

Each staff member of Harrison Homes, Inc. must relate these values to their specific work so that they can become a meaningful part of their daily instructions. In this way, we all share ownership of these values and are able to relate them to our vision and our daily work, regardless of our position or job site within HHI.


Harrison Homes, Inc. serves the community to provide quality transitional facilities for near homeless individuals and those who are under legal authority to reside in a transition facility.  HHI plans and coordinates activities and connects with community-based organizations and local governments to provide services for our residents. The program participants are provided the opportunity to be self-sufficient, responsible, and develop the life skill tools to transition back into society.                                                                                                               Living on Purpose message.jpg