Harrison Homes, Inc. is a private corporation established in 1987 and licensed by the State of California to serve up to 24 male and female residents, 12-19 years of age. Our program is an RCL 10 and 12, for adjudicated 300 and 602 residents.  We are an organization that is dedicated to therapeutically facilitating adolescents in their transition toward productive adulthood.

Harrison Homes, Inc. is comprised of four 6-bed facilities: P.A.T.H. House, Harrison Home, Aliya House, and Pride House, all located in Stockton. These four facilities provide twenty-four hour care and supervision in the course of meeting our residents’ basic psychological, emotional, behavior, nutritional and medical needs.  The staff consists of men and women who are experienced, mature and dedicated child care professionals. They are trained to implement the goals of each resident’s treatment plan on a daily basis and to function as effective role models.  Three formal groups are scheduled each week in each house, as well as an individual one on one session with each resident.  Staff can call an impromptu group or talk to a resident in private about specific issues at any time and do so frequently.

The treatment philosophy of Harrison Homes, Inc. is that delinquent behavior is symptomatic of other, less obvious, causes.  The program is therefore designed to treat both symptoms and causes at the same time.  Harrison Homes, Inc. also believes that each person must take responsibility and control in regard to their feelings, behavior, and thoughts simply because it is impossible for anyone else to do so.  The residents decide how to feel, think and behave.  The approach taken to change their behavior is a combination of cognitive/behavioral and classic behavioral modification.  The program has positive and negative consequences with various levels of status.  The residents are given clarifying feedback in regard to their values and behavior.

Each resident’s history, family background, socio-economic and ethnic influences are analyzed.  A comprehensive needs and service plan will be the basis for service to every resident and will be formulated to address all of the residents’ needs.  Progress Reports are furnished to the Placement Worker on a quarterly basis or upon request.  Our goal is to utilize on-going family contact and work with their families as much as possible.  Management also endeavors to develop and maintain a positive working relationship with the county Social Workers and Probation Officers, as we realize that they are an integral part of the treatment process.

Residents are provided opportunities to participate in weekly recreational outings such as going to the movies, bowling, and miniature golf, as well as periodic excursions to state parks, professional sporting events and amusement parks.

Harrison Homes, Inc. supports the development of a value system that will allow the boys and girls in our program to adjust to the immediate community and society in general.  The program is structured to provide each resident with a realistic, well-rounded experience that will remain long after he or she graduates and returns to the community.

Antoinette Ardis
Executive Director