Special Programs

Harrison Homes, Inc. is a collection of group homes, each with a developed comprehensive program designed to assist adolescents through the difficulties and challenges resulting from their legal problems, peer pressure, family conflicts, behavioral and emotional trauma, anger, alcohol and substance abuse.  Below are links to some of our Special Programs:

 Aftercare Services

Our services don’t automatically end when a resident graduates.  

Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Treatment

We utilize a combination of intervention strategies to treat alcohol and other drug abuse in order to address multiple risk factors and enhance program effectiveness and achieve sustainable long-term results. 

Aliya House 

We now offer a program for girls who have been commercially sexually exploited and/or experiencing other trauma, including chemical and substance abuse.

Anger Management

Uncontrolled anger can lead to a life of alienation and damaged relationships, as well as missed opportunities and costly legal problems. We provide our residents with the tools they need to manage and suppress their anger and work towards a calm and peaceful everyday life. 

Justice Project

Our Justice Project offers two distinct programs that are aimed to empower students, foster change, improve education, and advance democracy and promote justice.

Life Skills Training and Development

Harrison Homes serves to mentor and train our youth to become responsible, self-sufficient adults and to make positive life choices through the pursuit of pro-social goals and behavior.  Job training and college assistance are key components to our program.

Parenting Skills Enhancement 

We conduct a mandatory conference for the parents and families of Harrison Homes’ residents.

P.A.T.H. House

P.A.T.H. House offers in-depth therapeutic intervention to both dependent and non-dependent minors in its program and it is designed to address each resident’s unique level of human development.

Pet Therapy

Based on Dr. Lori Frieson’s 2010 study with children and therapy dogs in a class room setting, we bring in pet dog every other Thursday to provide a social and emotional support system for our residents.