Aftercare Services

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Harrison Homes, Inc. gladly provides aftercare services for its former residents.  These services are meant to be flexible, short term and are intended to be used as a safety net in order to meet the needs of the young adult when:

  • Remaining in state care and custody after age18 is not a realistic or practical option;
  • The youth has requested to leave custody upon or after age 18 and his/her case manager has assisted him/her in developing a reasonable and acceptable exit plan; or
  • The Juvenile/Family Court has automatically terminated jurisdiction on or after age 18.

A critical piece for young people exiting Harrison Homes’ immediate care is the ability to develop a support network, and the influence of informal role models to serve as mentors in a support network. While each of the young adult’s needs is important in its own right, we are increasingly learning the importance of significant adult relationships in supporting young adults during the transition to adulthood. Support services for our former residents will focus on a larger target than the establishment of mentoring relationships. As we identify the important resources which will be needed by these young adults to support their efforts to achieve independence, we also develop partnerships with public and private agencies that already offer the needed services. Emphasis is placed on connecting or referring youth rather than providing financial assistance.

Expenditures may include, but should not be limited to, emergency/crisis intervention, housing/room and board, educational assistance, job training/employment assistance, and support services. Support services should include, but are not limited to life skills, transportation, health care, mentoring, child care, and job training/employment assistance.

Our social workers will notify youth in the process of transitioning out of care about assistance available under AB-12, the Educational Training Voucher Program, and California Fresh program.