Aliya House

charcoal_clear-d280f94f2cf726fc7e74f24adec63ee4 charcoal_portrait_drawing_portraits__figurative__6b1d66989dc1dab6583addec0f047f1aAliya House, pronounced (ah LEE yah), is a new program offered by Harrison Homes for young girls ages 12-17.  Our facility provides residential services and works primarily – but not exclusively – with girls who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and/or domestic trafficking.  The program will also accept other at-risk girls, including those who are currently pregnant as well as chemically dependent or who are at risk of being sexually exploited.

Our programming is provided by specially-trained staff who will provide these girls with a comfortable, safe house and a nurturing environment.  Staff will encourage residents to re-evaluate their sense of self-worth and to build greater self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-sufficiency.

Our intake and orientation process consists of three days of intensive one-on-one therapy to begin the critical process of self-awareness, de-stigmatization, and the development of coping mechanisms to deal with the psychological trauma that our clients may be experiencing.

Ongoing programming will focus on how these girls can stabilize their lives and successfully transition into healthy, productive adults.

The therapeutic treatment of our residents has four main points of interest:

Provide the residents with the opportunity to gain self-awareness through group and individual counseling sessions;

Gain interpersonal development through healthy relationships with peers in a structured environment;

Learn responsibility and develop self-esteem by being a part of the decision making process and learning to effectively handle the privileges that are offered;

Provide family counseling, psychological, and psychiatric assessments deemed necessary by the Social Worker for each resident, and to provide a relatively pressure-free environment, to allow freedom of choice to each individual, and to enhance the reunification or emancipation process.