Anger Management

Teens often have the hardest time with their negative emotions. As caregivers, we at Harrison Homes continually, actively and consistently teach our residents how to manage their anger by helping them learn to openly and honestly discuss their thoughts and feelings. Helping teens realize that anger is a reaction to another emotion such as guilt, shame, or embarrassment will allow them to understand the meaning of their anger, learn problem-solving skills and develop the awareness that will allow them to maintain composure.


anger management_whats behind it

Our anger management program begins with teaching our youngsters the identifying the signs.

We then encourage our residents to overcome their anger through practicing patience and calming exercises. Walking, working out or playing a sport can stimulate the release of endorphins, a brain chemical that makes one feel calm and happy. We have also found that keeping a journal of his or her feelings can help a teen to realize potential triggers and work out solutions in a safe and private environment.   Lastly, we provide both one-on-one and group anger management therapy sessions.