Justice Project

juvenile-in-courtHarrison Homes, Inc. offers all of its residents an opportunity to participate in our Justice Project.  This programming is coordinated by Antoinette Ardis, who holds a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Southern California.

Our Justice Project offers two distinct programs that are aimed to teach our residents to understand and respect the rule of law and how to engage in pro-social behavior when and wherever they see a need for change.

The programs

  • Empower young people to think critically, solve problems, develop solutions and take civic action.
  • Foster change through curriculum designed to help students develop the knowledge and skills needed to improve the legal and criminal justice systems as youth now and professionals tomorrow
  • Improve education via a project-based approach to teaching that will encourage students to learn through inquiry and experience.
  • Advance democracy and promote justice through collaboration with youth, legal practitioners and communities in order to help promote equal justice and uphold the principles of democracy.

Law & Justice Program

The Law & Justice Program helps students understand why we live under the rule of law, and how laws are created, enforced, interpreted, and changed.  The program enables students to examine diverse areas of law and also explores civil rights issues and the role of advocacy, civics, and the media in our legal system.

Social Justice Program

The Social Justice Program is designed to educate students about social justice issues and motivate them to alleviate suffering brought about by systemic injustice.  As part of this program, the residents of each house elect a spokesperson who will represent them at C-II meetings and advocate on their behalf.