Prenatal and Parenting Care and Services

black-pregnant.jpg Prenatal Care

Aliya House accepts female residents who are either expecting or who are already parenting. Female residents who are with child are given unfettered access to all of the prenatal care and services that are provided by either their insurance or through local San Joaquin County agencies willing to provide services free of charge.  HHI provides transportation and any other support that expectant mothers need in order that both they and their unborn children will grow and thrive during this process.

HHI will also assist expectant mothers with any and all long-term planning regarding the care and placement of their children once they are born.  We are not equipped to house infants along with their parents.  If a mother chooses to have her child placed in foster or kinship care while she remains at Harrison Homes, every effort will be made to facilitate as smooth a transition period as possible.  Moreover, HHI will coordinate Mommy & Me sessions on either a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, depending upon the proximity of the infant and the mother’s status in our program.

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Mommy & Me is an opportunity for the residents of Aliya House to spend quality time with their infant children who reside somewhere else.  Mommy & Me sessions are to be conducted either at Aliya House or at our administrative offices and will allow the mom and child to experience a time of togetherness in a stimulating, fun and creative environment. We offer a space that is designed to be a place where a child’s imagination can soar, providing the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. At Mommy and Me, moms join their little one for storytelling, puppetry, sensory activities, art, snack, and music. Children learn new skills and bond with their moms in a safe, warm, and nurturing environment. Specific classes also include a short demonstration presented by a resident mom or local professional.

Our Mommy and Me group is carefully crafted to reflect progressive educational models and philosophies. Rather than viewing each child as an empty vessel waiting to be filled with the parent’s knowledge and ideas, we encourage the girls to view their child as an individual with unique views, understandings, and perspectives. We advocate that their role as parent is to facilitate and guide their child’s educational journey, always in tune to his or her individual way of learning and processing information.

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Parenting Classes

HHI has adopted the Parent Education Core Curriculum Framework that was developed by The Minnesota Association for Family and Early Education (MNAFEE). This curriculum focuses on:


We focus on instructing the parents who reside in our program what their roles are as parents, how they can successfully transition into that role, and why and how they need to develop their own personal parenting philosophy.  We also discuss the stages of parenting and how to balance the needs of the child with those of the parent.


We impart the importance and nature of the parent-child, review issues of attachment and autonomy, and uncover how to develop the requisite relationship skills necessary for a healthy and happy parent-child bond.  We instruct on ways to become more nurturing, as well as better caretakers in general.


We cover general information regarding child development and dispel the myths and misunderstandings that many of our young residents have about the process of development.  We guide them through the mechanics of social and emotional development, self-awareness and self-regulation, and the approaches to learning, cognitive learning and physical and motor skills.


We address the importance and formation of family traditions and values and discuss the characteristics of family relationships and dynamics, including communication and resource management.


We look at the need for family support and community, including the necessity of support networks and community involvement.  We also examine how societal and global forces can impact the family for better or for worse.

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